Sunday, September 12, 2004

These photos are from the American anti-Slavery Group's Rally against Genocide in Sudan, down the block from the UN.

Curtis Sliwa

Gloria Steinem

As usual, more can be seen here

Friday, September 03, 2004

No photos from tonight. I was there, the protestors were there, but I could not bring myself to snap a single shot. Why? Because despite the fact that I might have never had mere fun running around the city than I did this week chasing down the convention, and despite the fact that I now consider myself a fake photojournalist with an opinion column, I just became extremly bored with these people.

The protestors sucked the life out of me and this event. I could'nt see the SAME people, waving the SAME signs, chanting the SAME slogans, wearing the SAME clothes. Im not kidding, in a city with a couple of million people, and over 100,000 protestors (sunday) I saw the same individuals REPEATEDLY.

There was almost no creativity, no vitality, and most of all, no logic. It got to a point today where they werent even into it, and that was the death knell for me. How can you 'hate' a man when you dont really hate him...AND THEY DONT.

No friends, from what I've seen, the APPEARENCE of hate has become a method of disagreement. The only method some could see to get thier point across is act with some sort of rabid insanity...its sad, and disingenious.


McCain ***/*****
Giuliani ****/*****
Ahnold ****1/2 / *****
Miller *** 1/2 / *****
Cheney ***/*****
Bush ****/*****

Good tight convention, bad interior security, but the disruptions made the protestors look like assholes.

So to cap it off, heres a random pic of what I see out my window right now right now.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Axis of Eve Protest!

Now this was the most fun af all my photoblogging protest 'assignments'

The wiered thing about my total immersion in the left's week of dissent is how quickly all the rhetoric and conspiricies have become boring to me. Maybe thats how you become one of these extremists (on either side)...Day after Day of repetitive lunacy starts to lose its shock value, and after a while, you can accept it as a fact in order to just move on and stop challanging its logic.
That being said, this protest was a breath of fresh air. It was in Battery Park, miles away from midtown, the ladies were having fun (and they didnt seem to be the super organized coalition of leftists that ANSWER and UFP&J are), and the (mostly male) press was...ahem...more excited than at the other protests.

I give the 'girls' (how they would have kicked my ass if I had called them that earlier) high marks for taking an exhausted protest movement and giving it a boost in its arm.

As always, the rest of the pics can be viewed here.
PS...Fortress MSG has also been updated.

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